Sad day……first snow arrived in the mountains today….a bit early isn’t it??

A lot of traffic problems on the mountain crossing.

With a lot of quiet hours at work today I have done more work on the ChiHa.

I made the exhaust and the rear sidepanels.The exhaust was straight forward work.The parts had a 100% fit again.Most work is to paint all edges on the parts.I enhanced the covering net a bit by adding some gaz net that I stiffened with some white glue thinned in water.Cut out the top frame and glued it on the gaz.I’m not sure where to get metalnet so the gaz will have to do the job.

The sidepanels was also an easy task,just cut and do a bit of shaping and glue them in place.

Tomorrow I hope to get the last drivewheel done,and maybe do some more tracks…