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Papermodels are models made of paper....I have been doing this papermodelling for a couple of years now.
So I will try to write about the buildprocess of my ongoing builds now and then.

The P51D

Papermodelling Posted on Wed, December 17, 2008 02:08:20

I finally managed to finish the Mustang P51D “Petie”
See the pictures in the gallery!!

I’m very satisfied with that build. It’s my second plane and it was really fun to build it.
The Halinski models are known as top of the notch when it comes to detailing,print and partsfit.

Lousy weather

Papermodelling Posted on Thu, October 23, 2008 15:05:54

Darker evenings….lousy weather….perfect for papermodeling!!

At this time I have several projects going on.
I’m building the 10TP 1:25 from WAK, The LeFh18/40 1:16 from DrafModel, and the P51D 1:32 from Halinski.

The present stages on the different models presented below smiley

Will be updating the builds regularly!!

Another year is coming…

Papermodelling Posted on Mon, December 31, 2007 12:38:04

On this last day of 2007 it’s time to look back and see what was done in one year.My goals was not achieved sine the time spent on each model took way longer than expected.
In 2007 I managed to finish the Pak40,the T40,the ChiHa,the Nsu Kettenkrad,the putilow and the Greif.
I also started to work on the bristol beaufighter and the Luchs.
My goal for 2008 will be to finish the two ongoing models,and build another two aircraft and two tanks.
I have not decided yet what the two tanks will be,but the aircraft will be the BF109 G2 and the Mosquito.

The Chi-ha is done

Papermodelling Posted on Sun, November 04, 2007 15:38:04

Finishing the Chi-Ha was ending an amazing build.The kit is just outstanding with absolutely no errors at all found in the kit.All parts just fitted a 100%.It was the most fun build I have done and it equals the Pak40 from DrafModel in quality.

So if you ever want to buy a kit that suits the rookie and the more advanced builder, this is the kit you should get!!

One side done…

Papermodelling Posted on Wed, October 24, 2007 14:16:24

Yesterday I finished the tracks on the left side of the ChiHa! 99 links completed.The tracks from DrafModel was just perfect!!

Making tracks for the Chiha

Papermodelling Posted on Tue, October 23, 2007 00:59:43

Making tracks is not the easiest task…to stay focused all the time assembling one link after the other…just makes you want to start a new model.Now I have almost completed one side with 97 links and in a week I might have the ChiHa done.

The Greif is done!!

Papermodelling Posted on Tue, September 25, 2007 11:32:29

A milestone was reached today! I finally finished the Sd.Kfz 250/3 Greif after over a year of work on it.Ok ok ok I will admit I have had some very long breaks!But now it’s done and only a few minor touchups left.Making the baseplate and some weathering to go.

Here are a few shots 🙂

The Greif

Papermodelling Posted on Sun, September 23, 2007 00:20:40

I now see the end of the Greif build!! Today I finished the rest of the remaining details here and there,and made another 15 tracklinks for it 🙂

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