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Papermodels are models made of paper....I have been doing this papermodelling for a couple of years now.
So I will try to write about the buildprocess of my ongoing builds now and then.

The luchs takes shape.

Luchs Posted on Sun, November 04, 2007 15:33:59

When the frame was done,with not much surprises.

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It was time to start on the outside details.Since this model doesn’t have any interior,the work is a bit more easy.The next task was to make the two airvents on the rear sides.

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The mesh is a nylon grid I got from and is an enhancement over my earlier bandage gaz….

When those details was in place,it was time to start to cover the framing with the outside skin.

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The skins fitted almost perfect,but some trimming was neccesary.No major errors found so far.Jusy minor things that easily can be fixed.

The rear air vent.It has some internal framing viewable through the mesh.

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I then started on the turret.Parts fitted ok here also.Not perfect,but good enough if you know what to do and how to cover the mistakes in the kit.A lot of fixing can be done with some glue and paint….

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The rear part of the turret is done.The front part have to wait for a week,until I’m back at work.

Starting the Luchs!

Luchs Posted on Wed, October 31, 2007 20:47:08

So the build is on!!
I have started to do the framework which is to make the hull of the tank.It came together quite easy.Only thin was that I messed up the hull sides…..and had to make new ones.